Police: Men broke into at least 12 cars

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- North Bend police say they've arrested two men who allegedly broke into 12 cars by simply going door to door until they found one unlocked.

Police arrested Kyler Beltran and Gary Danielson after someone called 911 when his car alarm went off.

He told police two men were trying to break into parked cars in the neighborhood.

Police say Beltran and Danielson were allegedly breaking into cars near Oak and 14th Street by going door to door and opening those that were unlocked.

The cars that were locked were left alone.

Detective Jon Bohanan of the NBPD says the best way to have your car broken into, is to leave it unlocked. "We haven't had any reports recent of broken windows that have allowed the suspects to enter the vehicles," he said. "A lot of times we're finding the victims of these car break-ins have unfortunately left their vehicles unlocked."

Police found the two men as they were fleeing the area, but believe more burglaries took place that have yet to be reported.

So far, the number of cars that were broken into stands at 12.

Police say you can easily avoid being a victim of this type of crime by just locking your doors.