Police officer accused of attempted murder in shoutout with police

HILLSBORO, Ore. - With the cuts that police said he received while resisting arrest still on his face, a Hillsboro police officer charged with attempted aggravated murder made his first court appearance Tuesday.

Five Forest Grove officers, four Washington County deputies and a Hillsboro police officer were put on paid leave for firing their guns during a standoff and shootout with 46-year-old Officer Timothy Cannon at his home in Forest Grove on Sunday night.

Cannon is accused of trying to kill another officer.

One deputy received an injury to his hand from shrapnel but he's OK. It is unclear which gun that shrapnel came from.

Cannon didn't say anything or show any emotion during his court appearance, but he was assigned a lawyer.

Sources said Cannon was armed with a gun when officers responded to his wife's 911 call from inside his home, saying her husband was acting volatile.

Responding officers and deputies tried to communicate with Cannon, who was off duty at the time, from outside the house. They went in the home and then that was when the 10 officers and deputies fired their guns.

Police also confirmed that Cannon did fire the gun he was armed with on Sunday night; however, investigators haven't yet said if he used the gun he has through the Hillsboro Police Department.

At Cannon's home Tuesday, investigators with Oregon State Police were still there sorting through the evidence. The district attorney has sealed court documents usually made public as the investigation continues. It is likely to last at least another two weeks.

Washington County sheriff's spokesman Dave Thompson said it is taking longer than usual because it's such a complicated case.

"Generally in an officer-involved shooting type of case with have maybe one, maybe two officers that fire, and so this is going to take a lot longer to get all the statements from all of the officers and all of the witnesses all compiled together to a point we're going to have a better, clearer picture of the scene," he said.

Cannon's wife works with the Forest Grove Police Department. The police captain said she's not doing well emotionally and the department is providing her with as much support as possible - meaning meals and counseling. Their 6-year-old child was also home at the time.

Shortage of Forest Grove officers

With five of its officers involved in the shooting and on mandatory paid leave, the Forest Grove Police Department has taken a major hit from this. It affects a quarter of its entire police force. But Capt. Mike Herb said the department is making adjustments to keep enough officers on the streets.

"We've gotten creative with staffing," he said. "We also do have a good relationship with our partner agencies: Cornelius Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff's Office. And so they are available to assist if we needed them for a critical incident."

Herb said the department is committed to maintaining the best service it can despite the shortage.