Police: Ore. teens urinate on school, beat up custodian

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- An elementary school custodian in Hillsboro was pummeled and sent to the hospital after he told a group of teens to stop urinating on the side of the school building, police said.

The custodian is going to be OK, but he's badly hurt. Police are looking for at least three teens they believe were involved.

It happened at Imlay Elementary School around 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Hillsboro Police spokesman Mike Rouches said the custodian, 41-year-old Mike Kilgore, walked out a set of doors near an outdoor basketball court.

Rouches said Kilgore discovered a group of three to four teens under the covered basketball court; they weren't playing ball. One of the teens reportedly had a dog.

Kilgore told police he saw one of the teens urinating on a nearby wall, and asked him to stop. Then three or four teens attacked Kilgore. Rouches said one of the teens hit Kilgore in the head with a piece of metal, and punched him.

Kilgore called 911 himself. He was taken to Tuality Hospital, and later released.

KATU spoke with Kilgore's father, Mike Kilgore Sr., on the phone Thursday night. He said his son is bruised, has a swollen head and stitches in his head hear his eye. He said his son is "shaken up" about what happened, and that his son told him the teens also repeatedly kicked him in the head.

Police said they plan to interview Kilgore again about what happened to get more detailed information about the suspects. They believe the suspects are between the ages of 15 and 18, or possibly 20. It's unclear which direction they ran after the attack.

Police also said since the suspects appeared to be hanging out at the school, it's possible they live in the neighborhood.

People were going in and out of the school all evening because a recreational basketball league was having an event. They don't believe the teens are affiliated with that league, nor do they believe they are students at the elementary school.

Hillsboro Police want anyone with information about the attack to call the non-emergency number.