Police say there will be some enforcement taken against slime eel truck driver

Eel truck overturns on Highway 101 - Photo courtesy Oregon State Police

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ore. – Oregon State Police said enforcement will be taken against the driver who crashed a truck and spilled slime eels on Highway 101 Thursday.

Friday, police said they’re conducting a follow-up investigation to decide what the enforcement will be.

As of Friday morning, Highway 101 was open and police said the eels are still on the side of the road.

ODOT is working with the seafood company to handle the cleanup.

Troopers said a Lincoln City man was traveling northbound on Highway 101 Thursday afternoon. He was hauling 7,500 pounds of slime eels and failed to stop his truck when and Oregon Department of Transportation worker advised him to do so.

The transfer of the weight caused one of the containers to come off the truck, flying across the highway into the southbound lanes. The rest fell and spilled into the highway.

The flying containers of eel caused a chain-reaction crash, pushing four cars into each other. Only the people in the first car that was struck were injured, but they're expected to be OK.

A pair of tourists from Norway were also involved. Highway 101 was cleared and opened back up to traffic just before 4 p.m.

Officials say slime eels, or hagfish, secrete slime, which coated the roadway.

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