Police: Wanted sex offender found at Roseburg High

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A man wanted for failing to register as a sex offender was arrested after police say he was trespassing at Roseburg High School.

Police say a search of his vehicle turned up a backpack that contained a stun gun, duct tape, gloves and black clothing. Officers say there was also a full size BB pistol in the bag.

Roseburg Vice Principal Larry Rich says that at about 10:30 am on Wednesday, Derek William Ames, 34, was found on the Roseburg High School campus and contacted by campus security.

Rich says Ames walked in the front door of the school and down a hallway, where campus security noticed he did not have a pass to be there.

Rich says security officers contacted Ames at the Commons Building and escorted him back to his car. "In the process of escorting him to his car, the security officer wrote down his license plate number and called our school resource officer of the police department," Rich said. "They ran a check and found out he was wanted so they arrested him shortly after that."

Roseburg police stopped Ames across the street, and say he gave them a false name at first, but they were able to identify him, as well as the warrants he had out of California.

One of those warrants was for failing to register as a sex offender.

Ames was arrested and charged by police with numerous charges including second degree trespass, identity theft and false information to police, among others.

Ames was lodged in the Douglas County Jail.

Rich says he was happy with how security staff handled the incident. "In this case, the entire process was nine minutes from the time he stepped on campus to the time that he was arrested off campus," said Rich. "So, that's a fairly short time period and it's really a strong kudos to our security staff for being alert and noticing that, here's this person without a hall pass and confronting the person."

Rich adds that anytime something happens on campus, school and security staff look at the situation to see if there are things they could do differently.