Police warning locals about man they say is on 'crime spree'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Coos Bay police are alerting residents to a man they say is on a crime spree in the bay area.

Police arrested Kyler Beltran Friday afternoon, after a local business owner followed him and called 911 to report Beltran for allegedly shoplifting from his store.

When police caught up to him, they say they found drugs and items from multiple bay area stores.

This is the fourth time in a month Beltran has been arrested by either Coos Bay or North Bend police, and he is being classified by authorities as an active thief.

Beltran was arrested earlier this year in connection to a car break-in spree in North Bend, officials said.

Police say Beltran is a violent person, and if you see him acting suspicious in your neighborhood, police are asking you to call 911.