Powers celebrates playground remodel after a year and a half of work

The Powers School playground remodel is completed after a year and a half of work. (SBG photo)

POWERS, Ore. -- A playground in Powers is the focus of celebration.

The Powers playground remodel was a year and a half in the making.

In the playground's centennial year, Powers residents celebrated the completion of the nearly $100,000 project over the weekend.

Organizers say the Ford Institute Leadership Program was the catalyst that started the project, but communities from all over the county and state joined in to make the vision a reality.

"That's been one of the coolest things about this project,” explained cohort volunteer Joanne Shorb. “Every single city in this entire county has contributed in some way, which is unlike any other project that I've worked on, and unlike anything I've ever seen before. So that's just really awesome."

Kids at the school also got involved.

They received donations for running laps around the track and putting on fundraisers, including a bike-a-thon.

"To learn that if you want something and set a goal, and engage yourself in that goal, you can achieve it,” said Powers Superintendent/Principal Matt Shorb. “I think it's really a great learning experience for our kids."

Barring minor repairs along the way, project organizers say they look forward to seeing the new playground last another hundred years.

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