Prize winner: 'I just about dropped my teeth'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- When Mary Ihry went to see family in Texas a couple of months ago, she never thought she'd be missing a visit from the Prize Patrol with Publishers Clearing House.

She thought it was a hoax.

It turned out to be real. "When he told me I just about dropped my teeth," she said. "I was like, "Golly, you've got to me kidding me."

She says she didn't think it was real at all.

Prize Patrol had already already made the trip the first time they tried to surprise Ihry, but couldn't find her.

So, they sent her checks in the mail.

Dave Sayer, the prize patrol ambassador, says he was glad they were able to track her down. "We are delighted that we found our winner, especially since she is a Facebook superfan who doubled her prize," he said.

Ihry is disabled and says she's learned to live on a small budget, not by choice. "It's going to come in handy, I can slowly do stuff that I haven't been able to do in 10 years."

Ihry says she cannot wait to cash her checks.

The first thing she's going to do? Buy a new wardrobe.