Probe into Coos Bay schools found 'concerns'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Officials say the Coos Bay School District was under investigation, after a teacher made comments alleging teachers at Madison Elementary would lose their jobs if they didn't implement new reading programs.

The school board requested that the Oregon School Boards Association investigate the claims made by the teacher.

The report from the association says administrators and teachers were interviewed, and not one teacher felt their job had been threatened directly by the administration.

However, there were "concerns."

James Martin, the Coos Bay School Board Chairman, says while the investigation may be over, they will still be looking at ways to improve the environment at the schools. "They felt that there was a threat, that if they continue to oppose the changes that were coming, that they might be split up as a staff and reassigned to other buildings," Martin said. "We will continue to look at the other issues that are underlying this, about best practices and exactly how we approach problems in our elementary schools."

Martin says the district will continue to implement new programs and work with teachers to improve student learning.