Produce for Caden: Effort aims to help survivor of deadly RV fire

COQUILLE, Ore. - The boy who survived an RV fire that killed his cousins remains in a Portland hospital.

Caden Teddleton, 7, has undergone several surguries for the burns and smoke inhalation he suffered during the fire.

Now a family friend is trying to help by selling "Produce for Caden."

"When I heard what happened - I mean my son rides the bus with Caden, and it just broke my heart and I couldn't just sit by with my boys just fine and do absolutely nothing," Sara Jo Royalty said. "I felt like the easiest way for people to give and for it to be kind of residual would be to order produce. All they have to do is order food they're going to be eating anyway, and if they order from me they're going to be helping her out in a big way."

Here's more information about what she's proposing: