Psychiatric patient found after giving Corvallis doctors a false name

SALEM, Ore. -- A 60-year-old psychiatric patient that went missing from the Oregon State Hospital early Saturday morning was found a day later after he checked into a Corvallis hospital under a false name, state police said.

Officials said the patient, Gregory Page, was not considered dangerous.

A nurse reported Page missing at around 7:30 a.m. Saturday after seeing he had left his room at a group home on the hospital grounds.

Officials said Page was seen eating at the Denny's restaurant in Salem about an hour after he was reported missing, and investigators found some of his personal belongings at a Corvallis store that afternoon.

Medics picked Page up at Corvallis park Sunday afternoon on a routine medical call and brought him in to the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, state police officials said.

Page is reported to be in good condition, however State Police officials weren't sure why medics were initially called out to the park.

Once Page was taken to the hospital, police said he gave doctors a false name. Hospital staff eventually suspected he was the missing psychiatric patient and called Corvallis Police.

Page was taken back to the Oregon State Hospital Monday morning. Investigators are still trying to find out how he made it out off the hospital grounds unnoticed and made it to Corvallis.

State Police said that Page was first admitted to the hospital in 1994 after being deemed mentally unfit to stand trial for an attempted murder charge out of Lane County. He was sentenced to 20 years under the jurisdiction of the Psychiatric Security Review Board, who oversees patients in the hospital's care.

Officials said the Oregon State Hospital group homes are staffed 24-7 and are designed for patients who receive treatment but do not need to live within the secure perimeter of the state hospital.