Public asked to comment on North Bend's urban renewal

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- North Bend's urban renewal of Lincoln Square and Union Circle have been on the city's 'To-do' list for the last 20 years.

Now they are looking for your input on how to proceed.

The city accepted a total of four proposals for each site, and now the plans are sitting at city hall, waiting for the public to come choose the fate of these historic sites.

Terence O'Conner, the North Bend City Administrator, says the public has a great oportunity to give input. "If there is a particular design that the council and the community really like, they will then contract that architectural firm to provide the construction documents and move forward."

Kim Griffin, the grandson of the founder of North Bend, says he's ready to see some action. "Unpolished jewels, they've been sitting here all of my lifetime," he said. "Longer than that, so it's another way of emphasizing the wonderful beauty of North Bend and it's potential."

The city council will accept public comment at next month's meeting and a final decision will be made.