Reading and writing being joined by swimming in Coquille

COQUILLE, Ore. -- Reading and arithmetic are an important part of every child's education, but the City of Coquille recognized the importance of learning how to swim as well.

That's why they are implementing a swimming program for 2nd and 3rd graders in the Coquille School District.

Linda Short, a Coquille city council member, says it's an important safety resource. "Safety is so important for our young people, so I thought what a wonderful way to do it, would be to have swimming lessons for the school kids."

The two week program will teach kids the basics, including how to float on their back in an emergency situation.

"It's so important, there's so many rivers and lakes and oceans and pools around in this area that kids need to know how to swim," said pool manager Jamie Linderman.

Donations to pay for the program poured in, leaving enough money to help those who can't afford towels or swimsuits. "I'm hoping this is going to be an ongoing something that parents look forward to, and the kids look forward to," said Linderman.

Parents will be able to register their kids for the swimming program at the same time they register them for this coming school year.