Record-setting heat bakes Eugene, Roseburg, North Bend

NORTH BEND, Ore. - North Bend hit 90F on Wednesday, shattering all-time April record of 85.

This is the first time North Bend has reached 90+ since 93F back in September 2009.

This is only 14th time on record that North Bend has reached 90. It's the 1st time they've reached 90 before August.

The temperature in Eugene beat the record 81F for the day, reaching 82F by 4 p.m.

The warmest April day on record in Eugene was April 28, 1926, when the temperature hit 89F.

The highest temperature on record for Eugene was 108F, set August 9, 1981.

Roseburg hit 88F by 4 p.m., beating the record high of 86F set back in 2004.

Warm weather welcomed

"Everybody out here seems to be enjoying it," said Jason Driver. "All the little kids, everybody seems to have smiles on their faces."

"It makes me feel good inside. It's a good way to get your vitamin D," said Teresa Frizell of Eugene.

Of course, the record-setting spring temps are just a summertime teaser.

"Going into the mid 80s then back to the upper 50s," said Luke Williams of Eugene. "We just get teased a little bit every year. We try to do what we can to enjoy it and try not to get too sunburned in the process."

After another day of 80F weather Thursday, the forecast cools off with 71 Saturday, 64 Sunday, a chance of rain Monday and a high of a slightly unseasonably cold 58F by Tuesday.

But even with short-lived warmer weather this week, spring is here and summer is right around the corner.

"You know, everything is alive and blooming right now," Williams said, "so I think it does the same thing to humanity as well."