Record-setting pilot vows to find Earhart's plane

COOS BAY, Ore. - Elgen Long first saw an airplane at the age of 5 and made a promise to a friend.

"When we grew up we were going to get an airplane and we were going to go flying together," Capt. Long said.

And they did.

During his career, Long broke countless records and is best known for his taking the first solo flight around the world over both poles.

His research and writing have advanced navigation technology for the airlines.

Today, he said aviation has moved far beyond our universe.

"It surpassed it," he said. "My fondest dreams more than came true."

Long was recently asked to help in the search for Malaysian Air Flight 370.

He has also worked to explain the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. with a book and later a movie.

With new technology, he said finding her plane could happen soon.

"We're going to solve this mystery," he said. "Right here from Marshfield High School, you heard it first from me."

An honorary graduate of Marshfield, Long toured the school's new Heritage Hall on Tuesday and paid a visit to an aviation history class.