Recount begins in county commissioner's race

COQUILLE, Ore.-- The recount to decide one of the closest races in Coos County history is now underway.

Volunteers gathered Tuesday morning at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille to begin the hand recount of more than 25,000 ballots in the race for Coos County Board of Commissioners' Position Number One.

Seated at five tables are elections workers some Democrats, some Republicans, some third party affilaitions, and even some with no party affiliations at all.

"We don't have tables full of Democrats and tables full of Republicans," said Coos County Clerk Terri Turi. "Each table has a mix of people working together."

Turi said this keeps the recount out of partisan hands despite the race being non-partisan, and both men running for the job are registered Republicans.

Incumbent Commissioners Bob Main and Fred Messerle said they are confident they will win re-election after the recount is complete.

"It's certainly within the statistical realm, and we just have to let the process work," Messerle said. "I have all the faith in the world in the process."

"Will it tighten? I don't believe so," Main said. "My conversation with the clerk she said it might change one vote maybe, but it shouldn't change at all."

Right now Main leads Messerle by just 12 votes (Main's 12,663 votes to Messerle's 12,651 votes). The razor thin margain caused the state's automatic recount law to kick in forcing the hand recount this week.

The recount is expected to take between two to three days, and KCBY News will bring you the results as soon as they are made available.