Red flag warning for Oregon scheduled through the weekend

EUGENE, Ore. -- A red flag warning is in effect through Sunday as dry east winds are bringing a higher risk of wildfires in western Oregon and parts of Washington.

Forecasters predict that the winds of nearly 20 miles an hour, combined with low humidity, could cause any fire started in the area to rapidly spread out of control. The Oregon Department of Forestry issued a stop to all outdoor burning because of the high risk of wildfires in the area.

The Office of the State Fire Marshall released some reminders for people getting out to enjoy the last of the good weather before Fall.

The ODF fire stop also includes all campfires and debris burning for most of the state. Campfires are only permitted in certain campgrounds staffed by an ODF official. Anyone starting a prohibited fire could face a significant fine.

All off-road motor vehicles (dirt bikes, quads, etc.) are only cleared to be driven in areas without flammable, dry vegetation.

The east winds are expected to ease by the end of the weekend, but the dry spell is predicted to continue for a couple weeks. The ODF said that the fire season will continue until rain starts making its way back into the forecast.

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