Reedsport Fire Dept. adds brand new truck, its first since 1990

Reedsport Fire Dept. announced the addition of a new truck, September 5, 2017. (SBG)

REEDSPORT, Ore. -- Reedsport has its first new fire truck in nearly three decades.

The 2017 Freightliner Pump is the first new truck for the department since 1990.

Funding for the truck came from a federal grant and money raised by the city's volunteer firefighters.

The truck pumps 1,250 gallons of water a minute and holds a thousand gallons.

"The tanks usually last a matter of seconds, so this one will last nearly a minute,” says Reedsport City Manager Jonathan Wright. “This vehicle is brand new; it comes with all the safety features that a regular semi-truck would have. We’re very fortunate that we were able to obtain a grant that made it possible."

The Reedsport Fire Department now has four triple-combination pumpers.

The new truck is the largest in the fleet.

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