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Reedsport no longer the 'Braves' beginning next school year

(SBG photo)

REEDSPORT, Ore. -- Reedsport Community Charter School is moving forward with a new mascot.

They plan to leave the current name, "the Braves," behind and change to "Reedsport Brave."

The decision to change the school's current mascot came after an Oregon rule was amended in 2015 that allowed schools to keep their Native American imagery and nicknames, but only with formal permission from the local tribe.

In late October, school officials with the help of the community decided Reedsport Brave would be a more inclusive mascot name.

School officials say the new mascot name will be implemented before next school year.

They say the next step will be to change the logo and replace existing logos/signage on school property.

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