Renovations revealed at Clyde Allen Field

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- This spring, baseball players will get to enjoy a brand new outfield at Clyde Allen.

A $50,000 grant from the Baseball Tomorrow Fund made it all possible.

South Coast Babe Ruth Baseball, a nonprofit organization, held a dedication ceremony on Saturday to thank the Tomorrow Fund.

The grant, along with donations from local businesses, helped install a new drainage system in the outfield.

Mike Taylor, the president of South Coast Babe Ruth Baseball, says the field hasn't been updated in 30 years. It was so bad that coaches would have to cancel games.

"During the winter and the spring and into the playing season, there could be anywhere from two to six inches of standing water in the outfield. Balls would hit the outfield and you wouldn't be able to find them," Taylor said.

Cathy Bradley, the Executive Director of the Tomorrow Fund, says Clyde Allen stood out because it serves players from North Bend High School, American Legion, and South Coast Babe Ruth.

"This project was especially attractive to the Baseball Tomorrow Fund because it serves the 13 and older age group, and that's a group that we usually lose in baseball as those kids get a little bit older," says Bradley.

The renovation will benefit 150 local baseball players.