Report: Oregon teens safer drivers than peers in most other states

EUGENE, Ore. - Cars and kids can be a deadly mix.

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among American teenagers.

But Oregon teens may trend safer than their peers in most other states.

A new report by the personal finance Web site WalletHub attempted to compile a list of the best and worst states for teen drivers overall.

In addition to teen driver fatalities, criteria taken into account include:

  • the rate of teen violations for driving under the influence;
  • the number of teen drivers and miles traveled per capita;
  • whether a state has strong traffic laws, including provisions against texting while driving; and
  • factors such as the cost of car repairs and insurance

Overall, WalletHub ranks these as the worst states for teen drivers:

50. South Dakota
49. Mississippi
48. Nebraska
47. Oklahoma
46. Wyoming

And these states ranked best overall:

1. New York
2. Hawaii
3. Illinois
4. Oregon
5. Rhode Island