Retired Judge Richard Barron: 'We need to help families get back together'

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NORTH BEND, Ore. -- After more than 37 years as a Coos County Circuit Court judge, Richard Barron retired at the end of June.

We caught up him to talk about his career, the justice system, and what the future holds.

Judge Barron handled juvenile cases for 31 of his 37 years as a circuit court judge.

He says kids are the strength of the community.

"We need to help them; we need to help families get back together, so I was probably most passionate about helping the juveniles do better, getting the families better…that was something I found to be extremely rewarding."

Judge Barron retired on June 30. He says the juvenile system is getting better and more helpful.

"They're trying now to not keep the kids out of a family home as much as possible. They try to reunite the kid; they try not to take the kids. They try to do a lot of things before they have to take a child out of care, which has been a change gradually over the years."

Barron says he's not quite done yet with work as he still handles a limited amount of cases.

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