Ron's Oil in Coquille gets fined by DEQ

COQUILLE, Ore. -- A fuel company in Coquille was fined by the Department of Environmental Quality, after they say it used the wrong type of leak detector in an underground tank.

The DEQ said Ron's Oil Company used a gauge on an underground fuel tank that wasn't approved for fuel mixtures.

The tanks were located at 580 N. Central Blvd. in Coquille.

Ron's Oil Company was fined $1,900.

The DEQ says the violation has been corrected.

Read the full release from DEQ here:

A Coquille business received a reminder from DEQ to pay careful attention to Oregon's underground storage tank leak detection requirements.

DEQ issued Ron's Oil Company a $1,900 penalty for using the wrong type of leak detection method to monitor for leaks in one of four underground storage tanks the company owns and operates at 580 N. Central Blvd. in Coquille, Ore. The tank contained a mixture of gasoline and diesel.

The gauge Ron's Oil used was not approved for fuel mixtures.

Five months after learning of the violation the company corrected the violation. DEQ took this action
into consideration when setting the penalty amount.

Proper testing and leak detection equipment is essential for discovering and responding to leaks to
underground storage tanks quickly, before contamination can spread. Leaking tanks can contaminate
groundwater and place human health and the environment at risk.

DEQ enforces Oregon environmental laws to protect people's health and to keep our region's air, land,
and water clean and healthy. These compliance and enforcement efforts also help level the playing field
by deterring violators who might otherwise have an unfair business advantage over their environmentally compliant competitors.