Salmon predictions are in for 2012

CHARLESTON, Ore.- Fishermen in Charleston are buzzing today after hearing great news on salmon predictions for 2012.

It looks like our area will not have to declare the commercial fishery a disaster for the third year in a row.

Local fishermen attended the Oregon Salmon Industry Group's Preseason Planning meeting in Newport on Tuesday, where they received great news on fish return numbers for the Sacramento and Klamath river.

Those areas makes up 80 percent of local catch.

Though the season doesn't open until March 15th, fishermen in Charleston are starting to report salmon.

Local Charleston fisherman,Jeff Reeves, tells KCBY, "we are already hearing reports from crabbers and fishermen that transit the area, and it looks like the fish could be there. It's a guess, but it is looking good. There will be some sport fishing opportunity for Coho."

The run is predicted to be phenomenal for Chinook commercial and sport fishing, with over a million in the Klamath and more than 800,00 in the Sacramento.

All the excitement is not just felt amongst local fishermen, it's a community thing.

"It's amazing to watch people going back to work, unloading the boats, the boats come back to town, rent motel rooms buy groceries" says Reeves. "It's a huge influx of cash into the Coos County economy. When the fish are biting it's great, everybody starts going back to work."

Reeves goes on to says, he is excited fishermen will finally be able to get back to normal, and get back to what they love- salmon fishing.