Sawdust Theatre roof leaking: 'We're in danger of it coming into the theatre'

COQUILLE, Ore. - The Sawdust Theatre is raising money to literally raise the roof.

The theatre was rebuilt after a fire in 1994. Now 20 years later, the aging roof is causing problems for the building.

Kathrine Barton and her mother Shirley, who was a charter Sawduster, said the theatre belongs to the community - and now they need the community to help to save it.

"The leaking roof has destroyed the siding and we're in danger of it coming into the theatre," Barton said. "We don't want it into our costumes. We have lots of costumes and lots of sets and props and we need to have all these things protected from the rain, and we're going to try to make it nicer than it was before, and we just are excited about this and we're also hoping to see a lot more people in our audiences."

All ticket sales this year will go toward the theatre's construction fund.

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