Search continues for Mount Hood climber missing for one week

MOUNT HOOD, Ore. - Rescue crews resumed their search on Mount Hood for a climber who's been missing for one week.

Kinley Adams, a 59-year-old Salem dentist, indicated he would take the Leuthold Couloir route to the summit, but he didn't return from his climb last Saturday.

On Friday, search and rescue crews spotted two possible clues - an abandoned rope and a picket, or a climbing anchor.

The National Guard confirmed that crew members aboard a Chinook helicopter spotted the items near Sandy Headwall, an area near the route Adams had planned to take. Rescuers were not able to confirm the rope belonged to Adams.

The area is riddled with caves, making a recovery effort more difficult. The National Guard said crews won't be dropped from a helicopter unless they find more definitive clues.

There were 18 search and rescue workers on the mountain Friday afternoon. Crews plan to continue the search through the weekend.

Family members say they are still hopeful that Adams is alive but that it's getting harder as more time passes.

Adams was on the mountain preparing for an upcoming expedition to Nepal.

Extreme fog and otherwise inclement conditions made the search almost impossible for the first several days after Adams missed his scheduled return time of 3 p.m. last Saturday.

The weather finally broke on Thursday, allowing helicopters and crews to conduct a much more thorough search.

Video of Friday's search from the Oregon Army National Guard