Seat Belt Blitz starts today: 'Click-it or Ticket'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Coos Bay police will be cracking down on seat belt safety and distracted driving over the next few weeks.

The 'Seat Belt Blitz' is one of three deployments funded by state grants that allows the department to increase patrols.

The seat belt law has been in effect since 1990, and police say that numbers over the years prove to be hard evidence for how safe they keep us.

Sgt. Mike Shaffer with the Coos Bay Police Department says that although seat belt use is heading inthe right direction, there is more work to do. "We've seen the use of seat belts go up from 50% to 98% in Oregon, which is great, but still leaves us a little room for improvement there," he said. "I think even more importantly, we've seen it go from, I think it's decreased traffic crash fatalities by 58%."

Police will also be on the look out for drivers who are texting or on the phone while driving.

The deployment starts Monday and runs until February 23.