Sheriff: Woman accused of stealing car, caught with heroin

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- On Tuesday night, local law enforcement officials went out to the Englund Marine parking lot and told Vanessa Cardoso and Cody Prescott not to drive home, as the two of them were noticeably intoxicated, Coos County officials said.

After returning to the parking lot Wednesday morning, 20-year-old Prescott called police reporting that his Mitsubishi Mirage had been taken.

The Coos County Sheriff's Department said that they located the missing Mitsubishi at Captain John's Motel at around 11 a.m. Wednesday (nearly two blocks away from where it went missing).

Deputies arrested Vanessa Cardoso, 23 of Coos Bay, after they said she left a motel room and got into the stolen Mitsubishi.

After arresting Cardoso with the car at the motel, officers conducted a search and found drug-related paraphernalia and "a small container with a substance suspected to be heroin," officials said.

Cardoso was booked at the Coos County Jail on charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle and possession of heroin.