Shop break in: 'They knew what they wanted'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Surveillance video has been released from a break in at the Time Bomb Exchange in Coos Bay, and shop owners are asking the public to keep a lookout.

Two people eye want they want, and then use a rock to shatter the window.

Shop owners say the two suspects reached through the window and took a long board.

Libbi Brigham, a Time Bomb co-owner, says it was a high dollar item. "It was one of our more expensive boards, and I think that's why it was targeted."

The store is on a busy downtown street, especially on a Saturday night, but that didn't stop the two suspects from lingering by the window for almost 25 minutes.

Angelin Appel, the other co-owner, says the suspects knew what they were after. "They knew what they wanted and they were willing to take as long as it takes to get it, I guess," said Appel.

For this store, even a single item can make a difference. "We're still a small, family run business, and blows like this can really take it's toll," Appel said.

Still, the owners say some good has come out of this. "The kids have come in," Brigham said. "They're angry, they're devastated and they want to help."

The store owners are working with police and are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the two.