Sierra Club wins split-decision from Coos County D.A.

The Port of Coos Bay says the legal battle over the waiving of fees isn't over yet, after the Coos County District Attorney ruled they would have to waive most of them for the Sierra Club's request.

Just a couple of weeks earlier the environmental group announced they were challenging about $20,000 in fees from the Port of Coos Bay for a public records request concerning potential coal exports from Coos Bay.

The Port said the request was so broad, an estimated 2,500 pages of information, that they would need to pay some $16,000 alone for Attorney fees to have them checked before releasing them.

They said they did not think it was in the public's best interest, since local taxpayers would foot the bill.

But, Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier ruled that they would have to waive the Attorney fees, but could still charge a few thousand dollars in fees for the work getting the copies.

Laura Stevens, Sierra Club Organizing Representative, responded to the ruling by saying, "The People of Oregon have a right to know the truth and this decision will help to inform us of the Port of Coos Bay's intentions."

Martin Callery, with the Port, said following the ruling, that the Port has always been up front in their actions.

He said that while they were satisfied that the D.A. agreed that their actions did not constitute a denial of information, they would still be appealing the decision regarding the fees.