Simpson Heights residents plan to appeal Jordan Cove camp to state

NORTH BEND, Ore. - Citizens near the proposed Jordan Cove work force camp are planning to appeal the camp again, this time through the state land use board of appeals.

The camp would house workers building the proposed liquified natural gas terminal.

Residents in the Simpson Heights neighborhood said they are not backing down after City of North Bend denied their attempt to appeal the worker housing camp.

Now they're taking their concerns to the state.

"If we don't do this, they'll continue to do exactly what they're doing: just shutting out the public, working hand and hand with Jordan Cove and getting all of these permits," said Jan Dilley, the chief petitioner.

Residents want the city to re-open the permitting process so they can have some imput.

But because the permit has already been issued, the city is now offering a meeting between residents and work camp developers.

"We have certain rules that we follow when we notify people, and we followed those rules," said David Voss, the North Bend city planner. "This time we just notified everybody in the neighborhood just to give them a chance to get familiar with the project."

Dilley said the meeting is something that should have been done in first place

"Now it's just a slap in the face for us who know they've closed it and then they want to talk to us about it," Dilley said.

That meeting is taking place on Wednesday, July 16, at the North Bend Community Center.