Sir Stuffington is kind of a big deal, according to Google

TROUTDALE, Ore. -- It wasn't just Portland that fell in love with Sir Stuffington, the pirate rescue cat.

The one-eyed cat was the No. 7 most searched Internet animal on Google in 2013, according to the search engine's end-of-the-year list.

What's not to love? The stray kitty, who lost one of his eyes in a raccoon attack, was picked up in September by Multnomah County Animal Services. Since then, adorable pictures of him dressed like a pirate have circulated on Facebook and for the rest of the world to ooh and aww.

It started when a lady named Blazer Schaffer began fostering the homeless cat and posted his picture on her Facebook page this fall.

He instantly became an Internet sensation and today has amassed more than 50,000 fans on his own Facebook page.

Professional photos of the kitty were sold and the proceeds were given to help pay for extra medical care for animals that need it.

His page is updated regularly with, of course, adorable photos as well as the adventures of living in a home that's a haven for rescue animals.

"For those of you who keep asking... We have 7 dogs. We do not foster them. 5 are rescues, 3 of which were not deemed adoptable," the Sir Stuffington page posted on Dec. 23. "We also have 4 cats which are our forever pets and they are all rescues. Yes. We have a full house and we love it!"

The No. 1 most searched animal of 2013 was Grumpy Cat, with Lil Bub as a runner-up.