Six and Eight year old brothers receive "Life Saving Award"

GOLD BEACH, Ore. -- Landyn Miller, 8, and Conner Krieger, 6, have won many awards -- but none like this.

On Dec. 19 the boys were honored at the Curry County Annex by the Oregon State Sheriff's Association with Life Saving Awards.

The half-brothers saved their father's girlfriend, Kimberlee Davis, from drowning in August.

"If they didn't respond and know just what to do by gut instinct, I would not have made it. There is no question is my mind," said Kimberlee.

Kimberlee took the boys to swim at Hunter Creek in Gold Beach countless times, but one day she took them by herself.

She decided to take the boys to their favorite spot upstream, but you have to climb on a lot of rocks to get there.

She lifted Landyn from one rock to another. She reached back to grab Conner, and that's the last thing she remembers.

Kimberlee slipped, hit her chin on a rock, was knocked unconscious, and fell into the creek.

"I told Conner to come here fast," said Landyn.

"And I did," Conner quickly responded.

The boys pulled Kimberlee from the water and kept her from drowning until she came to.

Kimberlee managed to drive herself to the emergency room with a concussion, a broken jaw, and several broken teeth.

Even more miraculous is that neither of the boys knew how to swim.

"It just gives me chills to know how strong and amazing they were to react in the way they did and they were truly my guardian angels that day," Kimberlee said.

The boys say they'll hang these awards in a special spot right next to their beds.