Snowshoe hiker missing at Crater Lake

CRATER LAKE, Ore. -- Rangers at Crater Lake National Park are still searching for a missing snowshoe hiker that disappeared on Monday, April 28.

Officials say the park received a report of a missing person on Wednesday, April 30.

Authorities say the person had arrived at the park two days earlier, rented snowshoes from the park and set off to hike and take photos.

After the person was reported missing, park rangers began a search of the Rim Village area and found the missing hiker's vehicle.

Authorities say they found snowshoe tracks leading from the trail onto a snow cornice that had collapsed near the rim.

Officials say that after extensive search efforts in the area by ground and air, they still have not located the person.

The identity of the missing hiker is not being released at this point.

The search has been scaled back, but is ongoing as weather and snow conditions permit, according to park staff.

Investigation of the lakeshore by boat will happen once access is possible.

Officials say snow cornices pose a serious hazard. Cornices are formed when snow is blown over sharp terrain like the rim of Crater Lake. The snow forms an overhang with no solid ground beneath it for support.

Snow cornices are a regular occurrence Crater Lake this time of year and can collapse without warning. Park staff are asking visitors to use extreme caution and stay away from the edge of the rim at all times.