Something wild happened after school on Wednesday

COOS BAY, Ore.-- Some bay area school children witnessed a wild and unusual site after school on Wednesday.

After months of fundraising, the local Boys and Girls Club Southwestern Oregon Chapter hosted a live, young Cheetah from the Roseburg Exotic Animal Safari.

Back in June, the club set a goal to raise enough money to bring the Cheetah in, and after successfully raising around $400, the Cheetah and its handlers were able to make a trip over from Roseburg.

"We like to offer the kids an experience that they won't see every day here in the Coos Bay area," said Angie Reiber, club director.

Reiber said the costs to bring the Cheetah in average to one dollar per child.

"Where some students couldn't give, other generous donors put us over the top," Reiber said.

She said the Cheetah was more than just a wild animal visit, but the visit also fits into the mission of the Boys and Girls Club.

"These people are mentors," she said. "They are use to working with children and giving them advice."

Reiber said she isn't sure what is next for the Boys and Girls Club, but it is guaranteed to be just as excting.

The children had all their questions answered and were able to touch the skin of a former Cheetah.

It is against the law for the children to pet a live Cheetah.