State workers could strike soon

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- State employees across Oregon could soon be striking because of a contract that's nearing an end without a new one in sight.

State employees held an informational picket in Roseburg on Wednesday.

The Service Employee International Union (SEIU) workers have just a few days left on their current contract.

The problem: There is no agreement yet on a new contract.

SEIU has roughly 9,000 members in Oregon, all of whom could strike, leaving many without important services like care for children, the elderly and the disabled.

Workers we spoke with say they're doing that on what they call a 'shoestring paycheck'.

Health care costs have skyrocketed, and employees say they've not seen cost of living increases.

Some add they're actually making less now than they did several years ago, and they're hoping for a contract that would change that.

The informational picket lasted only about 15 minutes because picketers said they didn't want to miss any work.

Rallies are scheduled throughout the state until July 2, which marks the end of the contract.