Study: Coos County population to drop

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Coos County's population is expected to decrease starting in 2030 according to a preliminary study by the state office of economic analysis.

The study shows a decline from over 63,000 people in 2010, to about 62,500 people in 2050.

Neighboring Douglas and Curry counties are expected to increase significantly.

After many successful projects and improvements here in the bay area, chamber executive director Timm Slater is disappointed by the projection. "So, if you projected forward and say over the next 37 years nothings really gonna happen here, and it's actually gonna decrease a little bit, that's a problem for those who are looking to bring businesses, grow businesses, start a career here," he said.

Slater says the study does not consider future economic change, and he hopes prospective business owners do more research before deciding whether or not to move to the south coast.