Study finds Oregon is the cheapest state to own a car

EUGENE, Ore. -- A report on the expenses of vehicle ownership found that Oregon was the most affordable state to own a car.

The new study from took into account gas prices, taxes and fees, insurance and repair costs when raking each state on the costs their drivers face.

It found that people in Oregon average about $2,200 a year in automotive expenses, which is the least in the nation.

Some Oregonians, like Angela Ross, were surprised by the findings.

"I'm happy, if that is really true if you trust the research," Ross said.

"I pay a lot of money for insurance, so I'm not sure it's any cheaper," said Eugene-resident Jon Carroll.

Claes Bell, a senior analyst on's study said that the average figures they gathered from each state gave them an estimate.

"Oregon was extremely low when it came to taxes and fees. They had the lowest taxes and fees out of any state at a $157.33," said Bell.

Next to Oregon, drivers in Alaska and South Dakota are also getting the best deals. Georgia was ranked the most expensive place to own a car, followed closely by California.