Summer Lunch Program underway for kids in North Bend district

(KCBY image)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- School may have wrapped up for the summer but kids in the North Bend School District can still get school lunch.

The Annual Summer Lunch Program is happening now.

It's been in place since 1998 and it's free to children age 1-to-18.

No special income level is required to qualify.

The district says they serve hundreds of kids each summer through the program.

"A lot of the kids that are getting free lunches during the school year, you know, in the summer that's not provided, so I feel like that fills a gap that’s needed,” says Linda Gault with North Bend School District. “That’s not the only reason; sometimes parents work, they’re busy…this is a place they can go and still get a nutritious meal."

Kids can get their free lunch Monday through Friday until August 18.

A list of locations and times can be found at the district website.

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