Sunset Middle School hosts 'Girls Rock' event

'Girls Rock' event at Sunset Middle School, January 30, 2016. Photo courtesy Teri Grier

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Sunset Middle School was filled with students learning about science, technology, engineering and math over the weekend, all of which were girls.

The Coos Bay Area Zonta Club's 'Girls Rock' event is a full day of hands-on learning, science games and experiments.

The girls also met professionals in math and science fields such as doctors, forensic scientists and engineers.

"We had over 80 representing all over the county and that was two times the number we had last year," said Zonta's Teri Grier. "I think what statistics are showing is a disparity between young men and young women, and the interest or feeling that they have an opportunity to go through those doors. So we wanted to give them the opportunity to see women in those specific positions."

This was the second annual Girls Rock event. Organizers say they expect it to be even bigger next year.

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