Tarheel Aluminum in Charleston launches first fishing boat since the '90s

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- Tarheel Aluminum launched a fishing boat from the Charleston shipyard Friday, the first launch since the 1990s.

The 40x15-foot aluminum vessel called the Alice Faye weighed in at 30,000 pounds on the shipyard’s new lift.

It's the first fishing vessel the family-run Tarheel Aluminum has made since the '90s.

Company owner Kyle Cox says their market buyers usually call for barges, so they're excited to be making fishing vessels again.

"It holds 26,000 pounds of crab, which is a lot compared to most of the other 40-footers,” cox said. “More product means more money, and they don't have to travel back and forth as much so it's a big savings and a huge profit increase. Also, we've got a standup engine room in this 40-footer, which is unheard of."

Cox says the Alice Faye will head to Port Orford for crabbing in a few weeks.

He says he hopes to put out one to two more boats a year.

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