Team Nat at Relay for Life: 'We wanted to carry on what she had started'

COOS BAY, Ore. - Natalie Hill brought a team to the Relay for Life three years in a row.

This year, her mom took over.

"I'm the captain of my daughter's team, her team she's had for three years," said Shawn Hill with Team Nat.

Natalie had cancer.

"She passed away in October, and we wanted to carry on what she had started," Shawn said. "This was very important to her."

Hundreds of people laced up their shoes for the Relay for Life last weekend to help find a cure for cancer.

This was the event's 20th year in the Coos Bay area.

A total of 26 teams raised money throughout the year leading up to the event, bringing together survivors, friends and family members affected by cancer in one way or another.

"You know, we're just mad now," said Kim Davidson, who co-chaired the event. "It's like really? We're losing far too many people. We need to raise money for research, education, advocacy and services. We need to out a stop to this and it's going to take some money to do that."

This year's event raised more than $90,000 for the American Cancer Society.