Teen fighting cancer: 'I just want more time'

BANDON, Ore. -- Michael Bruhn, 17, of Ashland, is battling cancer.

His wish was to play golf at Bandon Dunes, and thanks to the Children's Cancer Association and Bandon Dunes, that wish became a reality.

It's been his approach for the past 6 years: Grab a club, eye the goal and let it rip. "You hit your shot and it goes where it goes, there's not much you can do," he said. "You can't redo it, you can't go back in life."

Eric Bruhn, Michael's dad, says he relates his son's love of the game and the battle he goes through every day. "I do kind of look at golf and life in the same way, you know, you take what you got," Eric said. "You take it as it lies and you just play your best shot."

Over the years, Michael has taken his fair share of shots. Kimberly bruhn\michael's mom
"He's 17-years-old, he's been dealing with leukemia since he was 11 years old," said Michael's mom, Kimberly. "All he's wanted his whole life since that is to be normal."

Michael has made things as normal as possible, playing sports throughout high school.

Sometimes in golf, the journey isn't straight down the fairway and it takes creativity and imagination to reach the green.

As Michael's cancer has presented him many tough lies, he is taking a similar approach as he drives for a cure. "I've done everything they've said and I've done every little trial, and I obviously want to keep living," Michael said.

Kyle Breeding is Michael's best friend, and says that through it all, Michael has stayed positive. "He's always been positive, I've never seen him be negative or down on himself before, he's never just given up," Kyle said.

Michael isn't about to start giving up now, despite doctors telling him for the fourth time in 6 years to prepare for the end.

This program is called the 'Last Wish,' and Michael's last wish is to continue living. "I don't need a cure, I just want to live," Michael said. "Actually, I just want to live to his (dad's) age so I can have my grandkids and teach them how to golf and play basketball," Michael said. "I just want more time."

Michael and his family have been playing the courses all weekend, and finished up on Monday.