The $99,000 snowflake: 'Scratch everything on the ticket'

WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. - David Lane thought he'd won $1,000 with an Oregon Lottery Cash Flurries Scratch-it ticket.

He filled out his claim form and mailed the ticket off to Lottery headquarters in Salem.

Then the call came from a Lottery employee: Lane had incorrectly filled out the form.

"When I got David on the phone, I told him he had put the wrong dollar amount on his claim form," said Brandon Grover, a Lottery Security Specialist.

That disappointed Lane, who said he had a friend look over the ticket to confirm it was a $1,000 winner before sending the ticket to the Lottery.

"When the Lottery called me and told me I had put the wrong dollar amount on the form, I thought 'oh no,' " he said.

When Lane's ticket and claim form arrived in Salem, lottery staff noticed Lane had scratched 24 of the game's 25 snowflake symbols.

He had won $1,000.

But if you scratched the 25th snowflake - well, that's why Grover called.

"The phone went silent for a few seconds before he came back on and thanked me for calling," Grover with the Lottery said.

"They told me I that I had really won $100,000, not $1,000!" Lane said. "I couldn't believe it!"

His new advice for Scratch-It ticket players: "Scratch everything on the ticket."