Thieves raid elementary school garden supplies

COOS BAY, Ore.-- One local school is struggling to find gardening supplies after thieves raided their storage shed.

Teachers at Madison Elementary School found the storage shed where they keep garden supplies empty after thieves took nearly everything inside. The shed stores not only supplies for work crews but also supplies for class.

Gardening plays a large role in the cirriculum for some of the classes, and teachers use it for more than teaching kids how to plant flowers.

"We do a big life science unit though the garden," said Ann Marineau, 3rd grade teacher. "You can do art out in the garden. There's quite a few books nowadays on gardening, especially at this reading level, and of course planting, we do a lot of recycling, composting, and we even have a worm bin in the classroom."

Marineau said the gardening equipment was not only for adults but also some were a good size for children in her class to use.

"Whoever took it obviously needed it very badly, and I hope they are using it well in their own garden," she said.

Neighbors and local residents have donated gardening supplies for the school to use temporarily, but the school is hoping for supplies that they can use on a more permanent basis.

Marineau said in addition to small shovels and other tools there is a great need for gardening gloves.