Third suspect charged with Coos Bay man's murder

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- A third suspect has been charged by authorities in the alleged beating death of a Coos Bay area man.

A Coos County grand jury met on Thursday and handed down indictments related to the incident that took place Sunday morning.

Authorities say they found the body of 34-year-old Jessie Hayes laying dead in a side yard being used for trash disposal.

Police had arrested and charged Michael Lee Gertson and Jessie Jack Longhenry for the man's murder, and now a grand jury has indicted George Michael Ivanoff, 48, as well.

The Coos County DA's office had announced earlier in the week, that Ivanoff was in custody for another alleged crime.

Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier said good police work got the two primary suspects in custody within 24 hours of the two 911 calls that lead them out to 675 Hemlock Ave., where they say they found Hayes' body.

"It really shows you the quality of professionals we have working in this area," Frasier said. "We know the statistics show that the first 72 hours are critical in catching a suspect, and they were able to get them into custody very quickly."

The incident appears to have taken place inside apartment one at the Hemlock address, and the two men are accused of disposing of Hayes' body by placing him outside once he was dead, Frasier said.

He also said it does not look like there will be a murder weapon in the case because the men allegedly beat the man to death.

"At this point, I don't believe a weapon was used with regards to the blunt force trauma," Frasier said. "Its early, but I don't have any indication at this time that point to something like a bat being used."

The medical examiner performed a autopsy on Hayes' body the same day his body was discovered. The man is believed to have died because of heavy bleeding to his brain caused by blunt force trauma. It also appears that the men allegedly tried to strangle Hayes at one point, but that did not lead to his death, Frasier said.