Veterans donate flag pole to North Bend

NORTH BEND, Ore.-- Local veterans have donated a new flag pole to the City of North Bend.

The new pole sits in front of the North Bend Community Center and was donated by veterans living in North Bend and Hauser.

The pole was officially commissioned Monday morning at a Veterans Day ceremony in front of the community center.

In addition to the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem, North Bend Mayor Rick Wetherell gave a short speech in honor the city recieving the new donation.

Wetherell told KCBY after the ceremony that the people of North Bend should be proud of the new pole that will now fly Old Glory.

"It's not only a salute to our veterans, but it's also a salute to our citizens who have backed our city through almost over 100 years of being a city," Wetherell said. "What it represents is respect for everyone."

Wetherell specifically noted two former North Bend High School students who fought and died in Afghanistan after they graduated.