Victim opposed prison for high school trainer convicted of sex abuse

EUGENE, Ore. A former Willamette High School athletic trainer convicted of sexually abusing a student was sentenced to 3 years in prison Wednesday.

The court also ordered Timothy Schley to pay $15,000 and register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Judge Debra Vogt imposed a five year "no contact" provision preventing Schley from communicating with the victim, despite pleas from the victim and the victim's mother opposing such a prohibition.

"The victim opposes the no contact provision, and we have heard from those close with her that she intends on carrying on this relationship and even has spoken of marrying the defendant," prosecutor Erik Hasselman said.

"The victim and her mother were hoping that he would not serve any imprisonment," he said, "but that's not the only consideration we have. We have a more overriding public safety concern."

Jurors found the 29-year old Eugene resident guilty last week of three counts of second degree sexual abuse.

The charges were a result of three incidents between October and February.

The defense asked Schley be sentenced to probation for his crimes.

But the state emphasized the defendant's dangerous pattern of behavior.

Hasselman called a former Springfield High School student to the stand. She testified that she was 18 when Schley, employed at the school, initiated a sexual relationship with her in 2008.

As the sentence was read, the victim and victim's mother both were visibly upset. They want the victim to be able to remain in contact with Schley.

On Monday, police say Schley violated a court order forbidding contact with the victim for a second time since his initial arrest.

Prosecutors said the court is still deciding whether to impose more financial penalties on Schley for his most recent release agreement violation.

Fines for that could be as much as $150,000.