Video shows woman attack Walmart clerk with scissors

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. -- Newly released surveillance video shows a bizarre and violent outburst at a Walmart check-out stand in Mount Vernon last Friday.

Police say Nancy K. Reed allegedly said something about the mafia kidnapping her grandchild, and she didn't like the vibe coming from the register.

Then, violence erupted. The video shows the woman pulling scissors from her cart and jabbing a clerk in the arm. Seconds later, she lunges at a second employee with the scissors -- a tussle that ends up on the ground.

At some point, Reed goes for the hair, police said.

"The staff person got her hair pulled and a fist-full of hair came out," said Shannon Haigh with Mount Vernon police.

A brave customer stepped in to take the scissors out of the woman's hand, and no one was seriously hurt. And while everybody was waiting for police to arrive, the woman starts dancing around and lifting up her dress.

One shopper said she admired that someone had the courage to get in there and help the clerks.

"Your first reaction is just kind of stand there and stare, like, 'is it really happening?' " Tia Johnson said. "I'm sure, so at least somebody had the nerve to step forward instead of stepping back."

And police credited how Walmart staff handled themselves in a strange and dangerous situation.

"They were looking out for their customers and each other, and keeping their eye on a person they'd been watching and that they knew that the behavior that was a little bizarre," Haigh said.

Investigators say will likely order a mental health evaluation for Reed when she appears in court on Thursday.