Volunteers clean up beach for PSA

BASTENDORFF BEACH, Ore. -- The Oregon Marine Debris Team, a group of environmental non-profit agencies, cleaned up Bastendorff Beach on Nov. 28 -- on camera.

They shot a public service announcement with the Office of Emergency Management and Oregon's First Lady.

The idea is to tell people what to do if they find Japanese tsunami debris.

Carmen Matthews, the president of the local Surfrider Foundation chapter, says, "We're just really trying to make an awareness that we are here in Coos Bay and we are trying to make a difference in cleaning up."

Early this summer, Japanese tsunami debris washed ashore on the South Coast, and changing weather means more debris showing up.

Kim Lippert, from the Office of Emergency Management, says, "If you find the debris, obviously if you don't know what it is and it looks like it may be unusual, you don't want to touch it right away, but if it looks like regular debris, you want to dispose of it."

Although the PSA focuses on Japanese tsunami debris, the OMDT wants to encourage people to pick up trash off the beach whenever they see it.

"I think the bigger issue really is we have an overall trash issue in the oceans above and beyond, before and after the tsunami debris," says Sylvia Hayes, Oregon's First Lady.

You can get more information by calling 1-800-SAFE-NET.